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When will the game be released?

The release date is not set in stone, however, our current estimation is that we are looking at a late 2018 release.

Will there be multiplayer?

The game is divided into two parts:

  1. The single player campaign game
  2. Multiplayer with additional features such as co-op and PVP
The reason for this is that we really want to focus on making each part as perfect as possible. However, if enough donations come in and we can afford extra hands then it might ship with a small multiplayer part.

What will the game cost?

Sadly We don't have any official price yet. However keep an eye on the forums as this is something we will announce at a later point

Why should i donate and what are the money used for?

There are several reasons as to why you should donate:

  1. Exclusive in-game items
  2. Beta Access
  3. Exclusive privileges to influence the game
As to what the money is used for: The money is used solely on building the game, a very small percentage goes to the marketing team to inform people about the game. However, atleast 80% of all donations go directly to the development of the Divine Intervention.

I have donated what happens next?

If you have donated any money to the project you should send us an e-mail at anappgames@gmail.com Write your information to us and we will make sure to invite you both to the closed part of the forums and to provide you with the reward(s) once the game is released

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