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In habitants of the world

Upon request, this post regards the inhabitants of the world of divine intervention and what they mean for the strategy surrounding the game.

About the Villagers

In Divine Intervention, the villagers play a central role. All gods need believers to exist, and as mentioned in previous posts, the gods chose to show themselves to the world to gain more dedicated followers. Usually, these worshippers would group up and form villages. (However, some did not read more about those in an upcoming post.)

Every human is unique. Just like in real life, they age, require food and water, and sleep during the night. A villager will also find love and reproduce should the conditions be good enough. They create an ecosystem, and you are there to sustain and improve it.

Villagers will also have different social classes created by themselves; you, as a god, will be able to distinguish between these classes from the clothes they wear and other traits (which we won't spoil at this moment).

From a god's point of view, the more villagers/worshippers you have, the more powerful you are and vice versa.

Influence the Boundary of Gods

When the village grows, so does the god's influence, which shows how far the god's reach extends as a spirit. You are unable to penetrate this boundary; however, when in human form, you can go outside of your influence, but this comes at a cost.  The further away you are from your Godly influence, the more mortal and weaker you become.

Because of this cost, you, as a player, will have to continually improve your influence to make sure that you can overcome the challenges that you will undoubtedly face.


Now, as stated, the inhabitants of the world who shared a common belief grouped to form villages; however, nothing is final. To achieve ultimate power, you will have to convert these villages and convince the people to worship you. There are several ways you can go about this:


One way to convert other villages is through force and, thereby, war. From the villagers you have in your city, you will be able to add them to your army and directly attack other villages; however, since you, as a spirit, is limited by your influence, you will often have to stand on the battlefield as a near mortal man and help your army crush the enemy!


An alternative option to war is, of course, diplomacy and showing off. If your village is flourishing, other cities will look towards you with envy and slowly convert to your cause!

This method is useful if you don't want to risk losing a war and, thereby, some of your villagers. Villages turned this way will also be less likely to rebel against you!


Another option is to send yourself or dedicated villagers to another city to try to convert them. Like a spy, you will infiltrate the village and plant the seed to make them believe in you.  However, this can have consequences. Some towns, do not take kindly to people who think differently than they do, so be cautious.

Now one thing to remember in all of this is that other Gods will attempt to do the same to try and covert your villagers.

As you can see from the above, the villagers play a central role in Divine Intervention. In fact, there is so much that we can't cover everything in this small post.

Let us know on the forum if we should make a part two where we would cover subjects such as:

and more.

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