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Developer Blog #1

Divine Intervention has been under development for a little over a year now. So we at AnAppGames thought it would be a good idea to let the community in on how and what we are doing

Understanding the premise of the game

One of the most common questions we get is: What is your game all about? And how is it different from other games on the market?

Now, these questions should be straightforward to answer even at an early stage, and they were. However, since none of our team members are focused on or have an education in marketing, we had a tough time explaining the brilliant (in our mind) game that we are making.

The story

In the world of Divine Intervention, gods have shown themselves to the human population; the first gods did this out of greed. They believed that if they proved themselves, they would get more worshippers, which is a god''s life force. However, as multiple Gods did this, the human population had to choose which god they should serve in their city. This caused the gods to become greedy and led to wars between different religions. 

The war became known as the "War of the Gods" and lasted many decades. The defeated Gods were forced to rule the underworld as the so-called Weepers.

After the war had ended, only the most influential Gods remained; however, most of them had taken a big hit and were weak. Because of this, the Gods made a truce to keep the peace, and for a long time, this ceasefire remained!



Fast forward five years, the world has not seen a new God since the war, and the existence of other Gods is but a myth. However, a young priest is fed up with his God and no longer believes that he is strong enough to protect his village.


Because of this, he attempts to summon a new, more powerful God in hopes that this new God can lead his village to wealth and prosperity. The attempt is successful, and a new God appears.



This is where the story begins for our player. For those of you interested in more of the lore, I can happily confirm that we will reveal a lot more throughout the year.


As you might know, Divine Intervention is a mix between an RTS and an RPG. However, what does this mean?


The player will play as a God and will be able to shift between third-person mode and a free-look-world mode, which we call "God mode."

Throughout the game, the player will progress through the story in a 3rd person perspective and build, control, and care for his village(s) through the God mode.

Our goal is to keep a delicate balance between these things, which makes the gameplay fun and avoids dull phases.




Combat is a big concern of ours and has been throughout all of the development of the game. Our goal is to make the combat fluent but still stay true to both the RPG and the RTS game styles.
Currently, we feel that we are very close to the goal we wanted to achieve.


The player will be able to control his army and fight side by side with them in the 3rd person perspective. When defending his city, he can mix between God mode and 3rd person. The feeling of being beside your villagers while fighting a great war is fantastic, and we hope our players will enjoy it just as much as we do!


Many games that create a so-called power fantasy, like us, are struggling to find the right balance. And since we are both an RPG and an RTS game, this was one of our highest priorities. One of the first questions was, "The player is a powerful God. Can''t he just kill everything?"


The answer to that question is actually, "Yes, but...."


In the world of Divine Intervention, the gods are powered by their worshippers and influence. The further a god is away from his villages, the less powerful he is.

What we have found is that this forces the player to be strategic in which cities he attempts to overtake. The player will have to plan out what to do next to make sure that he is powerful enough both to defend himself and to conquer.

Player choices


One of the things we want to do is to give the player a choice on how he or she wants to play the game. Because of this, our game will feature multiple ways to progress. The most significant difference is how you decide to overtake other villages. You can do this using different tactics, such as war, diplomacy, or conversion.

Each city is different and is either more open or more closed to different strategies. It is up to the player to find out which works best.



We can''t go through all of this without talking about magic. In Divine Intervention, our spells are called miracles. I won''t reveal the number of miracles that exist but there are a lot!  The player will have to discover different elements and combine these with his magical powers to create new miracles. 

Not all miracles are used purely for combat. Again, we want to encourage the player to play the game the way that he or she likes. Because of this, some of the miracles created are peaceful, some of them very destructive, and some are even able to terraform the land.


When I started this blog, my goal was to give you (the reader) a better understanding of what Divine Intervention is all about and an insight as to why we are so excited about the game.


In a more practical sense, Divine Intervention is the first of (hopefully) many games to come out of AnAppGames Studio.


We live for our followers, and if you would like to be a part of the development of the game, we will encourage you to join our forum and even join our discord channel. All of the people involved with the project are keen to hear your opinions, questions, and suggestions.

This was the first of many blogs that will be released throughout 2018.


Thank you for reading and stay awesome!

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